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Comparative & International Law

The global nature of modern business means that clients frequently encounter issues with a variety of international components, many of which are almost invisible to those without proper legal training or experience.

Recognizing this trend, our attorneys have completed formal legal studies in China, Egypt, Japan, and the EU and have worked for the United Nations, the Coalition for the International Criminal Court, the Texas Secretary of State, and a law firm in Beijing.

As a result, we are uniquely equipped to analyze the requirements, distinctions, similarities, and applications of various systems of law. Having lived abroad for several years, we 1) are uniquely situated to help connect our clients with experienced counsel almost anywhere they require, 2) can provide or acquire skilled translation services on short-term notice, and 3) can help plot a course through the maze of conflicting government requirements, cultural differences, and precedents.

We have rendered services to our clients in Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Korean, Gujarati, and Spanish. In the event assistance in another language is required, we generally have the ability to make the necessary arrangements on short notice (e.g., American Sign Language, Vietnamese, Amharic, Farsi, Japanese, European languages, etc.).

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