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Immigration Law

Immigration and naturalization laws can be intricate and complex; depending on the nature of the matter, it can take months or even years to acquire a final result.

We provide our clients with the legal assistance they need to successfully obtain visas and citizenship, whether in the short-term or long-term. Our attorneys are well-versed in many of the common problems faced by those seeking to immigrate to the United States and can help them select the best avenue for doing so, including:

  • B-1 or B-2 (Temporary visitor for business or pleasure)
  • E-1 or E2 (Treaty Trader or Investor)
  • EB-5
  • H1-B (Specialty Occupations Including Nurses and Trainees)
  • F-1 or F-2 (Students and their spouses and children)
  • J-1 or J-2 (Exchange Visitors)
  • K-1 (Fiances of U.S. Citizens)
  • L-1A or L-1B (Company Transfers)
  • M-1 (Vocational Students)
  • P-1 or P-2 (Artists and Entertainers)
  • Q-2 (International Cultural Exchange Visitors)
  • TN (Trade visas for Canadian and Mexican Citizens)
  • Other work related visas
Additionally, we recognize that people occasionally have a desire to leave the United States but are legally prohibited from doing so. Under these circumstances, the proper steps must be dutifully followed or the person(s) in question may face severe penalties (including a permanent bar to legal re-entry). Our attorneys have a proven track record of successfully facilitating the return of people to their home countries without incurring unnecessary sanctions.

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